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Everything you need to know about sleeping in a swag


Posted: October 31, 2018 14:54

Liam our Office Manager has been checking in customers at The Rock Tour Office in Alice Springs over the last 8 years. The number one question he gets is:

“What is a swag and will I get a good night sleep?”

What is a swag? 

A swag is made out of heavy duty canvas, sewn into a cocoon-like bag providing warmth, comfort and security - the ultimate of all bush beds! They have a 2 inch thick comfy mattress. You sleep inside your sleeping bag inside your swag so your body heat is trapped inside your sleeping bag and swag. A lot warmer than a tent!

Swag Life:

The swags are stored on the top of our trailer and are really easy to transport during the tour. They offer an Authentic Outback Experience in the Red Centre. We will place the swags around the fire each night so that you can use the swags to sit, chat to new friends and enjoy the Milky Way!

Benefits of a swag compared to a tent

- You each get your own comfy swag and do not have to share!

- You can move the swag and sleep somewhere else if the person next to you happens to be snoring!

- You can set them up in 30 seconds. You just need to unclip the 2 straps, unroll the swag and then unzip one side of the swag and get inside.

- They are quick to roll up in the morning and hand back to the tour guide.

- We recommend you bring your own sleeping bag or hire one from us

The guides will provide a swag demo on night 1 of the tour. I pulled this image from our photo archive back in 2013 showing Myles Devonshire in action at bush camp!

Swags are ideal for central Australia because we do not get much annual rain. About 70 per cent of the Australian continent is arid. Uluru is located roughly near the middle of the semi-arid zone. The long term average rainfall at Uluru is 291 millimetres, yet seasonal and annual rainfalls are extremely variable. (Source -

What happens when it rains?

At our Bush Camp at Curtin Springs and Ayers Rock Coach Campground we have recently developed our wet weather shelter and doubled them in size. Three of the sides are now fully enclosed and at the front entrance we attach a tarp to keep us dry.

At Ayers Rock Coach Campground and Kings Creek Station we have 7 sets of tents which you can use for free. You can put your swags inside the tent and they will keep you dry at night time.

If you have any other questions about camping on the tour then send Liam and his team an email on or jump onto our live chat on our website (

Picture above - Ren from the office team enjoying the new swags that just arrived!

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