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Jessica Torres recommends The Rock Tour


Posted: February 24, 2020 11:10

Thanks for the review from Jessica Torres who joined our 4 Day Rock Tour from 19/02/20 - 22/02/20.

What can I say, this tour really exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend anyone who wants to experience the Aussie outback on a budget and has limited time to do this tour.

Below are some of the aspects that I liked about the tour: 

  • From the very start of my booking I was emailed my itinerary so I knew exactly what was going on. I then had to change my pick up location days before the tour began and had a staff member call me and reassure me the changes were made and updated. I was then emailed an updated itinerary with my new pick up location & drop off. 
  • The tour is reasonably priced. You get what you’ve paid for, the description is very accurate. This is not a luxury tour with a broad food menu & luxurious sleeping arrangements but it is comfortable and you get to experience the outback.
  • The group size is ideal, not too big not small. The bus fits 21 people but my tour had 15. We all got to know each other so quickly that by the end of it we had exchanged numbers and were sad to leave each other!
  • I initially (as well as some of the other girls in the group) had my reservations about sleeping outside, with no tent, just the swags but the night sky was breathtaking. Everyone slept close together and to my knowledge no bugs disturbed my sleep at night! - which is what I was most worried about.
  • The food exceeded my expectations as well as the quantity! Everyone had enough to eat and even enough for seconds! I am vegetarian and they were so accommodating to my dietary requirements. my veggie meal was cooked seperate to the meat.
  • Every campsite had showers & clean toilets which exceeded my expectations - yet again!
  • Ice blocks we’re frozen in advance at the first campsite to make sure we had cold water the following days. Water tanks were refilled daily so we would never be out of water.


  • The swags and sleeping bags were comfortable but quite thin - may be an issue to anyone with back problems, however this was not a huge issue for me.
  • All campsites had toilets but during travel time the toilets are scarce therefore you may occasionally need to go in nature. 

Ken - the tour guide

  • remembered all 15 names of everyone from the very first day, calling each person by their name (I was shocked with his memory skills!)
  • I did this tour during summer so due to the high temperatures during the day the wake up calls were super early (4:30am) in order to avoid the afternoon heat - our tour guide Ken, would put some gentle music on to wake us up gradually & reminded us every 15-20 min of how much time we had before we need to depart. 
  • Ken gave a full brief of what we would be doing each day, he spoke clearly and paused to see if we had any questions - for anyone who doesn’t speak English fluently. 
  • Ken had great knowledge, jokes & stories throughout the tour. He had answers to most questions and remained calm & helpful to everyone. 
  • Two of the girls in our group got heat stroke and felt unwell. Ken constantly checked-in with them, made sure they were ok to complete any further activities and reminded the rest of the group to stay hydrated. 


  • I highly recommend bringing a fly net as the flies are plentyful, to say the least!!
  • Bringing a small travel pillow & bed sheet to cover the swag as some dirt maybe on them from previous use.

Overall a great tour with no major issues, the guide and staff were super attentive. A very pleased customer! 😊

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